How to Get Rid of Old or Unwanted Furniture the Right Way How to Get Rid of Old or Unwanted Furniture the Right Way

How to Get Rid of Old or Unwanted Furniture the Right Way

20 Aug 2020 Rubbish Removals

How to Get Rid of Old or Unwanted Furniture

Furniture can either add or detract from the look of your home. You may have some furniture in your house that’s not adding to the ambience of your rooms, in which case you might be wondering how to get rid of old furniture. There are a number of ways to get rid of old furniture that are eco-friendly and could even help someone else find a bargain. Here are some tips to help you get rid of your old or unwanted furniture.

Local Council Collection

Most local councils will have a junk collection service for any items that are broken or no longer useable. Usually, you just leave the unwanted items out on the curb and ring up the council for them to come and pick it up with their truck. View information on council bins and collections in Melbourne here.

Junk Removal

If your council won’t take away your worn out furniture, then you can hire a rubbish removal company for furniture removal. This is a good option if you have other types of rubbish around the home such as green waste to get rid of as well, as they can take the whole lot at once.

Sell Online

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! You could be surprised if you try selling your unwanted furniture online at how much people will pay for second hand furniture. There are many bargain hunters out there who don’t expect an item to be in perfect condition. Try putting your old, worn out furniture on sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree.

Donate to Charity

Opportunity shops always appreciate donations of furniture, clothes and other useable items, and all their sales proceeds go to a worthy cause. In this case, you not only get rid of old furniture, but you also support a local charity that does great work such as St Vincent De Paul or The Salvation Army.

Give it Away for Free

More and more websites are popping up that involve giving away furniture for free. Some examples are Ziilch and Gumtree. You can even let members of your local Facebook community page know that you are giving away some of your furniture for free which they can pick up from you if needed.

Transfer Station

A transfer station or your local tip is another good way to get rid of old furniture. See the details for a local tip in Melbourne here.

Refurbish & Reuse

Is there a way you can reuse your unwanted furniture, perhaps giving it a lick of paint so it’s worthy of staying in your home? It’s well worth considering. You could even further sand the furniture down to give it a distressed look and use it somewhere else in your house. Perhaps, you could make something interesting and more usable by breaking down the old furniture.

Still Wondering How to Get Rid of Old Furniture?

There are many ways to get rid of old furniture, but perhaps the easiest is to give us a call at Care Rubbish Removals. Call us now on 0410 462 641 to arrange reliable furniture removal in Melbourne.

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