3 Methods of Green Waste Removal to Consider 3 Methods of Green Waste Removal to Consider

3 Methods of Green Waste Removal to Consider

17 Mar 2021 Rubbish Removals

Green waste encompasses materials that are considered biodegradable and compostable, such as garden waste and other types of organic waste. If you have green waste that you want to remove, there are multiple available, such as council green bins, burning off or using a professional waste removalist. This blog post contains more information about these three major methods of green waste removal for you to consider, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Council Green Bins

You can get dedicated green waste bins from your local council that are collected regularly throughout the year (usually every two weeks or once a month). These are ideal for lawn clippings and weeds, leaves, bark and mulch, dead flowers, and small twigs and branches. It’s recommended that you consult with your local council for more information about their specific green bin policies and any associated costs.

Burning Off

If you follow strict guidelines and regulations, it’s possible to burn green waste and organic matter as a means of disposal. However, there are many limitations and disadvantages to this. Not only does it generate pollution and leave behind a pile of ashes or charred materials, but it also risks causing fires. If you intend to burn off green waste, check local council laws and adhere to all rules and regulations.

Professional Waste Removal

A rubbish removal company can provide a fast and convenient green waste removal service. Whether you want to get rid of branches and vegetation or weeds and shrubs, a green waste removalist can help. They can travel to your property, collect your waste and transport it to a facility for safe disposal. Collections can be scheduled at a time that suits you to make your life easier.

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