3 Options for Junk Removal in Melbourne 3 Options for Junk Removal in Melbourne

3 Options for Junk Removal in Melbourne

29 Nov 2022 Rubbish Removals

Rubbish piling up on and around your property can create a safety risk, clog up space, and result in an unpleasant environment. Fortunately, there are a few options available for junk removal in Melbourne that you can take advantage of to clear your home or work site. This includes hiring a skip bin, making a trip to the tip, and arranging a professional junk removal service. This blog takes a closer look at the options for rubbish removal so you can make the best choice based on your needs.

Hiring a Skip Bin

Normal bins are sometimes insufficient for removing certain types or quantities of rubbish. Skip bins are much larger open-topped waste containers that can be used for various cleaning-out jobs, from garden waste to construction and demolition waste, giving you the opportunity to get your waste sent to a landfill site or a dedicated recycling facility. Skip bins are available in various sizes to suit your specific requirements, allowing you to get the job done in a way that’s simultaneously convenient and environmentally friendly.

Making a Trip to the Tip

A tip or landfill site, also known as a resource recovery centre, is a waste disposal site, representing the oldest and most common form of waste disposal. You can take rubbish to a tip where it can be sorted, treated or recycled. Items suitable for tips include glass, metals, plastics, and larger items such as old machinery. Chemicals, paints and other contaminants are generally unsuitable due to risks of land and water contamination. Check with your local council to find your nearest resource recovery centre.

Using a Professional Junk Removal Service

A professional rubbish removal service can handle all your waste collection, disposal and recycling needs without you having to lift a finger. A team of fully qualified and well-equipped specialists can come to your property and assist you by taking rubbish off your hands, clearing up space on your property for a tidier and safer environment. These services can handle hard rubbish, green waste, backyard junk, garage clean outs, cardboard removal and much more.

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