5 Common Types of Rubbish & How to Dispose of Them

07 Aug 2020 Rubbish Removals

Your average Australian household can produce 1.5 tonnes of waste per year comprising of all different types of rubbish. It can be tempting to pop all the rubbish into the one bin so you don’t have to deal with it – out of sight, out of mind – but that can have devastating effects on the environment. And we have to live in this environment, and so do our children. It’s best for everyone if we all do our bit to dispose of different types of rubbish responsibly. That’s all well and good, you might be thinking, but what if I don’t know what to do with some types of rubbish for safe disposal? What rubbish can be put in landfill? What needs to be recycled? What about niche rubbish such as medical waste or e-waste? It tends to get complicated, but fortunately Care Rubbish Removals is here to help with this blog post on 5 common types of rubbish and how to dispose of them. Read on to learn more about what to do with residential and commercial waste.

General Household Waste

Your general household waste is solid rather than liquid and could consist of food scraps, cooking oil in a sealed jar, broken glass or ceramics (covered in paper to prevent cuts to the garbage bag), and any metal that is not aluminium.

How to Dispose:

Put all types of rubbish from the household into your regular garbage bin if it can’t be recycled and is not e-waste, medical waste, hazardous waste or green matter.

Organic Waste

Organic waste is commonly referred to as green waste and includes lawn cuttings, weeds, hedge clippings, leaves and composting vegetable scraps. If you’re in doubt about what to put in your green waste bin, remember natural solid substances rather than man-made things, and no meat.

How to Dispose:

Most councils offer a green waste disposal service where they will provide a green bin for your use. However, if you have a large volume of green waste to get rid of, you might consider a green waste removal service.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is potentially flammable, toxic, corrosive and reactive. It can be harmful to people, animals and the environment.

How to Dispose:

Get in contact with your local council and ask if they have a waste disposal program for such substances, or hand it over to a trusted waste removal company.

Commercial Medical Waste

Medical waste could be anything from used syringes to medication, gloves and other medical supplies. It’s important this waste is disposed of responsibly to avoid cross contamination of disease.

How to Dispose:

Medical waste is usually incinerated, with special channels to receive medical waste from medical centres and hospitals. Medical waste should never be put out with regular waste.


At the rate that we all go through our electronic equipment, it’s not surprising that we’re all creating a lot of e-waste. This waste often involves batteries, which can have corrosive substances in them. It’s important that e-waste is disposed of properly.

How to Dispose:

Contact your local council to see if they have any public collection points for e-waste – libraries sometimes provide them. If you have a garage full of e-waste, our garage clean out service could be useful for you.

Recyclable Waste

Recyclable waste refers to paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and aluminium. Be aware that there are many types of plastic – hard plastic, soft plastic and plastic bags. Each needs their own recycling treatment.

How to Dispose:

For hard plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and aluminium, pop them in your council recycling bin. For soft plastic and plastic bags, take them to your local grocery store which should have a soft plastics recycling program.

Need Help Disposing of Different Types of Rubbish?

At Care Rubbish Removals, we have expertise in ensuring safe disposal of all types of rubbish. If you’ve got unsightly green waste filling up your garden, or perhaps you need help clearing out your garage, we’re the perfect team for the job. Call us today on 0410 462 641 to get your waste sorted for good.

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