Top 5 Garage Organisation Tips to Reclaim Your Garage Space Top 5 Garage Organisation Tips to Reclaim Your Garage Space

Top 5 Garage Organisation Tips to Reclaim Your Garage Space

04 Sep 2020 Rubbish Removals

Garage Clean Up and Organisation Tips

Junk can accumulate in your garage fast, and before you know it, it’s time to do a garage clean up. Whether your garage is a workshop with lots of tools or equipment, or it’s simply in need of some garage organisation such as shelves and organizers to help reduce mess, a garage clean up can help tremendously. But how do you begin a DIY clean up? It can feel completely overwhelming. In this blog post, Care Rubbish Removals provides some top tips and ideas for garage organisation and clean up.

Tip 1: Empty

The first step is to empty your garage so you can take a look at what you have in there. Put all your garage items in the driveway or in another room, although make sure it’s not too dirty for your carpet first. It’s best to use a tarp to cover and protect your flooring.

Tip 2: Categorise

The next step is to sort through each item and put it into a relevant category. For example, throw away, keep, donate or sell. Try not to delay making decisions about your items, otherwise you won’t make any progress with sorting through your stuff. If you have too many items to get rid of, it might be best call a company for junk removal services.

Tip 3: Clean and Repair

This is the stage of your garage clean up where you want to do a deep clean of the space, as there may be oil spills, spider webs or flaking off paint in your garage. Make sure you sweep and mop the floor – it will make a world of difference. You won’t be as tempted to shove junk in a space that you take pride in with cleanliness.

Tip 4: Organise

One of the best tips is to organise the things you’re choosing to keep. Garage organisation is easier with the use of shelves, hooks, shelving systems, a workstation, storage units or boxes. These tools help keep your stuff easy to find and stored in good condition.

Tip 5: Ongoing Cleaning

To ensure your garage doesn’t get into a bad state again, it’s necessary to carry out ongoing cleaning into the future. Try not to store everything in the garage, especially if it’s just to avoid a decision on what to do with your stuff. Make sure you clean as you go when you remove things from the garage for use.

Need Help with a Garage Clean Up?

Hopefully, these great garage organisation and cleaning tips have helped breathe new life into your garage space and actually made room for a car and some bikes. If you need help sorting through your stuff or getting rid of things you don’t want from your garage, Care Rubbish Removals can help with our garage clean up service. Call us today on 0410 462 641 for expert assistance.


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