What Professional Rubbish Removal Can and Can’t Accept

17 Mar 2021 Rubbish Removals

Professional rubbish removal companies can collect and dispose of many types of waste, but that doesn’t mean they can take anything and everything. It’s useful to know in advance what a rubbish removalist can and can’t help you with so that your expectations are realistic. This blog post contains more details about what a waste collection and disposal company like Care Rubbish Removals can and can’t accept.

Hard Rubbish

A professional rubbish removalist can collect a range of items, including furniture, white goods, electronic goods, mattresses, bed frames, home gym equipment, pottery and ceramics, glassware, bathtubs and scrap metal. However, you should keep in mind that hard rubbish excludes clothes, building materials, everyday household rubbish, industrial and commercial waste, car bodies, hazardous materials such as cement sheeting, carpet, and truck or 4WD tyres.

Green Waste

Green waste that can be collected includes branches, flowers, leaves, twigs, bark, mulch, trees, vines, shrubs, grass cuttings, and lawn clippings. It doesn’t include tree stumps or branches greater than 100mm in diameter, timber, copper logs, potting mix, soil, ash, glass, or building materials.

Backyard Rubbish

A backyard junk removal service can collect stumps, fencing, old timber, plasterboard, corrugated iron, windows, broken branches, firewood, and more. However, this service doesn’t collect gas bottles, large car parts, industrial waste, or chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Deceased Estate

A rubbish removal company can clear away furniture, appliances, computers, backyard waste, green waste, carpets, mattresses and more from deceased estates. This service doesn’t include metals, wet rubbish, or chemicals and other hazardous waste.

Garage Clean Outs

Professional garage clean out services can accept old tools, broken appliances, cleaning products, camping equipment, bags of rubbish, cardboard boxes, newspapers, and more. They generally don’t accept car bodies, industrial or commercial waste, and hazardous materials.

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